Why are Grandpa Johns prices so inexpensive?
Answer; We have kept overhead to a minimum and we allow the customer to remove their own parts with their own tools which minimizes our labor expenses.  The self-service operation we promote has eliminated many expensive processes and additional labor expense that a full service salvage yard incurs. 

Why is there so many safety rules?
Answer; YOUR SAFETY is our primary concern.   We could not run a self service yard and allow the customer in the working area if we did not promote the highest degree of safety.  Also, to procure insurance to allow the public in the yard, we must conform to rules and regulations they require.  This minimizes the insurance premiums we pay and helps us keep prices low.


Why the $3 admission charge? 
Answer; This minimal charge helps defray the cost of our insurance premiums and our added costs for safety and security.  Very few businesses allow customers in the working area because of liability insurance and/or additional safety and security measures.  We pay a higher insurance premium than a regular salvage yard and have invested in expensive safety and security equipment to allow our customers in the work area.  Thus we we must pass that along to all customers who enter the yard.  The vast majority of our customers are happy to pay this minimal fee in order to take advantage of our unique operation and our inexpensive prices.

Why do you stay open 7 days a week unlike all other salvage yards?
Answer; We ARE NOT like all other salvage yards.  We have created this self service operation to benefit YOU, the customers rather than make it convenient for us.  Many of our customers work jobs from Monday through Friday, and can only work on their own cars on the weekend.   So we want to be available for ALL our customers and thus stay open on weekends also for YOUR convenience.  


Why do you charge an environmental fee?
Answer; We have to spend a considerable amount of time and money to collect and dispose of hazardous wastes and materials such as tires, batteries, mercury switches, oil, antifreeze and other fluids.  We also incur expenses to comply with the DNR to prevent, minimize and clean up any hazardous contaminations.   We defray these costs by passing them along in a minimal charge to only those customers who buy parts.

Why can’t you tell me over the phone or at the counter if you have the part I need?
Answer; Mostly because of the nature of this unique business. We have no control over what parts get taken off by customers and off which vehicles.  It would be virtually impossible to maintain any semblance of an inventory when so many customers are pulling their own parts and we have no control to document them.    For this reason, and to keep costs at a minimum, we adhere to our purpose as a “self service” salvage yard.   We can easily and do maintain an inventory of the complete salvaged vehicle we have in the yard because those are never sold and easy to maintain.  Thus we can give you a list of the vehicles in our yard the MAY have the part you need if the part is still there and the correct application.  However, we just can’t efficiently maintain a parts inventory.  We know this is not for all, so we do offer our full service salvage yard next door, Bay Auto Parts, to offer immediate confirmation if we have the part you need.   You can choose the option that serves you best. 


Why are many parts missing off some vehicles?
Answer; We turn over approx 25-50 fresh units each week.  The turnover process is simple.  The fresh arrivals replace the vehicles that have been in the yard the longest which promotes a steady, efficient changeover.

Why are many parts missing off some vehicles?
Answer; There  are 2 reasons for this.   First,  we sell many parts because of the appeal of the operation and because of our inexpensive prices.   A vehicle regularly sits in the yard 4-6 months and many parts get sold off it over that course of time.   Secondly, as a added benefit to our customers, we have added many hulks from our late model operation, Bay Auto, that have several good parts remaining on them at the time they are to be crushed.  Rather than crush them, we set them at Grandpa Johns yard so YOU, the customer, have access to parts off newer vehicles that wouldn’t normally be available to this operation.   To be honest, Grandpa Johns cannot provide newer,  late model vehicles at the inexpensive prices we sell the parts for.  This process of adding Bay Auto’s hulks expands the number of vehicles available to YOU.


Why are prices not negotiable?
Answer; We do it for YOUR benefit.  Unlike a regular salvage yard, we discount all our parts figuring that they may have a little damage or rust clean up.   We take this lower, discounted price and apply it to all our parts, even if the part you pull is perfect.   For example, a good door off a mid 90’s vehicle generally sells for $125-$150.  We put the extremely low price of $74 on all doors regardless if it is perfect or not.   You get a great bargain if the door is sharp, but you still get a great price if the door is not.   Thus, we can hire cashiers that can just check you out when you are done shopping, rather than hire trained, experienced and expensive sales people.  That would force us to raise prices.

Why are there core charges?
Answer;   Core charges actually keep prices low.  Many defective and damaged parts have a “core” value because we can sell them to core buyers who rebuild the defective parts.  Also, some parts such as aluminum wheels, radiators and condensers have valuable scrap value.  We take our low prices to begin with, and reduce them even lower by the core value of the part and split the part into 2 costs, the part price and the core value, and give YOU the opportunity to return your “core” for an additional discount.  You end up buying the part for the lowest possible price.  Many salvage yards lump sum the two prices into just one price and do not allow you to return the core or take your core back and do not give you the core value back to you.



 Why are toolboxes inspected?  
Answer; The answer is simple, for YOUR protection and ours, and to keep prices low.   We make sure no customer is allowed in the yard with unsafe tools such as torches, sawzalls and jacks where they could potentially harm themselves accidentally.   Also, by inspecting toolboxes as a customer leaves, we minimize the temptation of theft.   By keeping theft to a minimum, we can keep our prices low for YOU.

Why are some truck parts more expensive than the car parts like fenders and doors?
We unfortunately have to pay more to buy trucks, SUV’s and vans.  To enable us to continue to buy a  good supply of these vehicles for you, our customer,  we are forced to charge a little more for some of the parts.   Most of the large self service yards charge more for all truck parts.  We charge a little more for only 15-20 popular parts.


















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